Investors need to see an app prototype before investing.

It’s almost impossible to get investors to write a check without seeing an app prototype. Increase your fundraising odds with the award-winning UX team at.

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1. Talk with our UX team

We help discover your product objectives.

2. Design & develop wireframes

We design & test UX/UI design.

3. build and deliver Prototype

Finalized prototype to deliver to investors.

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For $8k, Apptales will deliver a fully functional interactive prototype that will help investors understand your product beyond your pitch deck and financial model.

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Gotan pays tribute to an infinite and evolving coffee culture. Well trained baristas are constantly trying to push the envelope in the art of coffee. Our kitchen is light and seasonal, placing an emphasis on fresh vegetables.

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App development leaders

We help our clients stay a step ahead. We’re obsessed with what’s next while still being grounded in reality. We’re startup folks at heart and we love push boundaries, from blockchain to smart homes and virtual assistants to AR and VR.

We’re also helping market leaders develop Google Home apps and Amazon Alexa apps to pair with iPhone apps and Android apps already used by millions. Our clients aren’t just up-to-speed, they’re blazing new trails.

The APPTALES team are incredible. Our product and services went through numerous iterations until we discovered our differentiating value proposition.

The site has met all requirements, and the app will launch in a few weeks. APPTALES delivers high-quality products on time and at great value. Their reliably communication and transparency make collaboration seamless. Customers can expect an honest and hard-working team with in-depth expertise.

At this point, they're basically part of our core team.

George Kalos
Founder and CEO of BBB

A business owner I interact with regularly recommended them to me. APPTALES did great work on their website, app, and platform. I then reached out and asked their team a checklist of questions; APPTALES answered my inquiries thoroughly enough that I felt comfortable working with them.

I especially value APPTALES's diligence their efficiency, and their attention to detail.

Natasha Kroski
Founder and CEO of Dimani

"APPTALES had the app up and going within six months on both platforms."

The new app has been received well. APPTALES’ ability to adapt to and communicate about ever-evolving specifications helped make their code relatively bug-free. Implementable, on-time deliverables are hallmarks of their work.

Adam Young
Founder and CEO of 13th Step LLC

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